Own your brand, accelerate your career

Be inspired to better express your personal brand through your career attire so you can be more confident in how you feel, look, and act.

  • The Case for Great Style

    The Case for Great Style

    Learn about the latest research that makes the case for dressing well

  • Guidelines to Abide By (Or Ignore)

    Guidelines to Abide By (Or Ignore)

    Understand the guidelines for appropriate career dress

  • Other Elements of Style

    Other Elements of Style

    An essential primer on fit, proportion, quality, and common clothing issues that can be fixed

  • The Work Style Capsule

    The Work Style Capsule

    Know the 12 pieces every woman needs to invest in and own

  • Special Occasions and What to Wear

    Special Occasions and What to Wear

    What to interviews, company parties, business trips, and more

  • The Whole Package

    The Whole Package

    Other tips for a stylish and successful career

Whether you’re just entering the workforce, looking to take that next step on your career ladder, or just want to express your individuality with confidence, Jenny’s book will help you “better celebrate [your] individuality and [your] personal brand at work.”

    Jenny shares her inspiration for writing DFS

What readers are saying about DFS

Jenny knows young professionals. With anecdotes and applicable style tips, Jenny's guide makes career style seem easy (a first for me!). Her perspective is honest and fresh--the stylist any millennial starting off in the workplace would want.
Karen M.
Karen M.
Thorough and straight forward, Dress for Success: A Fashionista's Guide to Chic Career Style is a must read for anyone with doubts on office attire. Explaining what, when, and how, this book will answer all questions you may have.
Anali O.
Anali O.
Retail Buyer
Not only is Jenny incredibly descriptive, she’s also direct and to the point with her advice, pointers, and overview of fashion faux pas. As someone who's entering the professional health career field, I found this incredibly useful for my profession.
Christine L.
Christine L.
Ph.D Student